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At Interlake, we have a variety of halogen lighting, including the ever-popular Bosch line.  Bosch lighting is world renowned for quality. Polished zinc reflectors (accurate to 1/10,000 mm), special optical lead crystal lenses, and powerful halogen bulbs combine to produce the most effective lighting on the market, sometimes producing up to six time the illumination of conventional sealed beam lights.

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Pilot 140 – $99.00 each
Part # 505-60
H3, 100 Watt Bulb

 The Pilot is our most versatile agriculture field light. A wide peripheral illumination pattern and immediate lighting capabilities give you excellent close up visibility to light up sprayer booms, tillage equipment or combine headers. It’s also the #1 choice for unloading operations, because of it’s wide light pattern. Designed around a wide-angle honeycomb lens, the Pilot’s protective housing and flange are constructed of fiberglass and reinforced polyamide to resist corrosion and scratch damage to the reflector. The matted black finish insulates fully to the ground, and the cable enters through a sealed rubber flap grommet.The Pilot illuminates an area 120 ft forward and 70 ft wide. It has an 178° working area from the source, with the equivalent light intensity of four conventional sealed beams. During night tillage or seeding operation, two Pilot lights will enable you to illuminate 60 ft of equipment and the land around it. In your harvesting operation, three Pilots will illuminate the full 24ft width of the header and one Pilot will  illuminate the unloading auger on the side.

Touring 190 – $169.00 each
Part #505-70
H3, 100 Watt Bulb
Also available with handle and switch – $189.00 each
Part # 505-70SH

 The Touring pattern, though similar to the Pilot, emits 50% more intensity and range. It is particularly effective in tandem tillage operations, where you are pulling more than one implement.When you need greater close-up intensity and more brilliant mid-range illumination than the Pilot, the Touring 190 is your best choice.


The Touring is a more powerful version of the Pilot light. It combines some of the dust penetration ability of a Kiruna light with the immediate wide angle flood capabilities of the Pilot, giving you excellent illumination close-up and into mid-range, where much of the dust accumulates.The 190 features a specially designed 190mm honeycomb lens encased in a steel shroud with a black Resicoat layer. Cable entry is through a sealed rubber grommet.

The Touring 190 produces a highly saturated light pattern 80ft wide by 200ft forward. The flood pattern is projected at a 172° (178° without the shroud) working area from the source. It provides brilliant mid-range illumination, the equivalent intensity of up to six conventional sealed beams.

 The Kiruna – $169.00 each      
Part #505-80
H1, 100 Watt Bulb

 Our most rugged agriculture floodlight is designed to pierce through dust and difficult conditions up to a 1/4 mile away. A superior worklight for locating rows and laid off land when turning your machine at the end of the field. It is especially effective in illuminating soybean harvest operations, where your knives are close to the ground. Kiruna’s honeycomb lens is mounted in a rubber ring to withstand the severe vibrations associated with tough working conditions. The steel housing is encased in a black Resicoat layer for optimum protection from dust and precipitation, and the power cable enters through a sealed rubber grommet. All these make the Kiruna vibration, dust, water and corrosion proof.The Kiruna illuminates a pattern 320ft forward by 75ft wide, with the equivalent intensity of up to six sealed beam lights. Best of all, it draws only 7A of power, a 50% to 80% reduction in amp draw over conventional sealed beams  and an additional reduction in alternator overload without sacrificing light quantity.

 Jumbo 220 – $199.00 each
Part # 77715
H3, 100 Watt Bulb

A Great for night time spraying operations and custom harvesting, where long distance visibility is a must.The Jumbo 220 should be mounted directly in front of a field tractor or SP sprayer, 4 to 6 feet above the ground surface.
Our Jumbo 220 is a special application light designed to give long range visibility. It is particularly effective in night time spraying operations, where your working speed is higher and you need good detail at long range.The Jumbo 220 is designed with the same solidly constructed steel backing and Resicoat layer as all Bosch work lights. It has become a favorite of off road drivers because of its durability and pattern.

The rectangular design emits a concentrated rectangular beam of light 200 ft wide at 600 yd distance.  The structural blue glass lens illuminates white.

 Rallye 225 – $219.00 each
Part # 26901
H3, 100 Watt Bulb

 Because of its distance capabilities, many livestock producers also use the Rallye as a searchlight for locating cattle.The Rallye features a 225 mm carefully crafted optical lens and zinc reflector held into a galvanized steel, black Resicoat finished housing. The Rallye 225 is simply the largest performance light on the market.  Similar to the Jumbo 220 in purpose, it sacrifices a bit of flexibility in pivoting angles for extra distance, width and illumination.Our recommended choice for night spraying and custom operations. It gives you the ability to locate potential field dangers far ahead of the equipment and the long range visibility to be able to determine your field location at all times. It also gives you ability to pick up your mark from last pass at a distance. It is the most commonly used light for following tramlines and markers.

Hella High Performance Double Beam Work Lamps – $89.00 each
Long Range Flood: Part #90600
Wide Angle Flood:  Part #90601
H3, 55 Watt Bulb



While meeting the rigorous demands of vehicle manufacturers, Hella has developed leading-edge technology and has become the lighting choice for high performance auxiliary lighting.

These high performance lights feature double free-form reflectors made of high-gloss, vapor-plated, die cast aluminum.  They have shock-proof housings made of fiberglass reinforced plastic and a projecting rims to protect the structured glass lens. They are suitable for upright and pendant attachment to horizontal and vertical surfaces.  This Hella light has three times the light output of conventional work lamps of the same size. It is ideal for the replacement of existing conventional halogen work lamps  to increase overall illumination.The Long Range illuminates an area 150 feet wide by 300 feet long.  The Close Range will illuminate an area 150 feet wide by 150 feet long.

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