HID Lights

Hella AS 200 HID Xenon – $569.00
12 Volt Long Range: Part # 90673
12 Volt Close Range: Part # 90674

Industry-leading technology in a rugged design, the As 200 Xenon work lamp from Hella puts the power of high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting at your control. Light output in range similar to daylight improves your ability to see, even in the middle of the night.

Stainless steel parts and a reinforced fiberglass housing provide durability; integrated ballast makes for easier mounting. Available with 4-point mounting plate. Ideal for construction and agriculture to emergency vehicles, mining and forestry.

Features include:

  • 2.5 times greater light output than a standard halogen work lamp
  • Ballast integrated into housing
  • Low power consumption, 2.9 amp
  • 5 times longer service life than a standard halogen bulb
  • Glass lens
  • Water and dust proof
  • Vibration-resistant base and bracket
  • Ideal for emergency vehicles, construction, agricultural and forestry equipment
  • Available in 12v or 24v
  • Available in close or long range




This picture shows the lighting capability of just one close range HID light.  The quonset is approximately 300 feet away.

Also available:

Replacement D2s, 35 Watt Capsule – 167.90
Part # 78400

Replacement Ballast – $296.90
Part # 007760451

Extreme High Output HID Xenon Work Lights – $459.00
12 Volt Long Range Spot: Part # 81232/XHO
12 Volt Close Range Flood: Part # 81231/XHO

The Hella HID Xenon lighting technology provides outstanding illumination very close in colour spectrum to natural daylight, making this light a great choice for your lighting needs.

Features include:

  • 6000 Lumens of light
  • Hardened glass lens
  • Heavy duty polymer housing
  • 4-sided mounting system
  • 50 watt, 12 volt, 4 amp draw
  • Available in close or long range
  • Also available in a 24 volt version
  • Replacement capsule available


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