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The Hamsar LED work light utilizes the latest and most powerful LED technology to provides dependable and efficient working light that is crisp and white.  Their compact size allows for placement in almost any location and their low amp draw is a desirable feature where power to the light is a concern.

10 LED High Output Flood/Work Lights – $249.00 each
Close Range: Part #81262/HO
Long Range:  Part #81261/HO
Hybrid Spot/Flood: Part #81281/HO



                                                LED  Hybrid

These lights now have a hard coated lens which is virtually chemical and scratch resistant for extra durability.  The close range flood light illuminates an area 130 feet wide by 250 feet long while the long range spot will light an area 100 feet wide by 900 feet long.
  The hybrid version is a great combination of spot and flood, when more flood with distance is required.

 Features include:

  • Multi voltage 12-24W
  • Weather proof
  • Cast aluminum
  • Stainless steel mount hardware
  • 4 position mount
  • 10 high performance L.E.D.s
  • 3100 Lumens of light
  • 50,000+ hour rated units
  • Only 1.8 amps at 12V, 0.9 amps at 24V
  • 5 yr warranty


The picture above shows the lighting capability of one close range 10 LED light.  The quonset is approximately 300 feet away.

Also available in a spot with flashing amber warning feature – $289.00
Part # 81561






Features include:

  • Combination back-up and Amber hazard light
  • Includes 10 white LEDs and 8 flashing amber LEDs
  • Range is 80 feet wide x 600 feet long
  • 50,000+ hour life
  • 2.6 amps at 12V, 1.3 amps at 24V when using white and amber combination
  • 2100 Lumens of light
  • Polycarbonite lens
  • 5 year warranty

6 LED High Output “Mini” Flood/Work Lights – $149.00 each
Close Range: Part #81272/HO
Long Range:  Part #81271/HO
Hybrid Spot/Flood: Part #81274/HO

For smaller applications, Hamsar makes a 6 LED work light that is powerful for its size and offers an even lower amp draw than the 10 LED light at 1.5 for 12 volt and 0.7 amps for 24 volt.  This mini version still offers the same quality construction, just in a smaller size –  3.5″ x 2.75″ deep.   The close range illuminates an area 80 feet by 150 feet and the long range illuminates an area of 60 feet by 660 feet.

LED Flood Beam Work Lights
2 LED Flood Light: Part #81625 – $99.00 each
6 LED Flood Light: Part #81626 – $169.95

Energy efficient and weather resistant with a low amp draw, the two and six LED flood beam work lights have a virtually unbreakable polycarbonite lens and die-cast housing.

– 550 Lumens
– Light range is 60 feet x 200 feet
– 4.3 watts of light with a 0.32 amp draw


– 2000 Lumens
– Light range is 100 feet x 350 feet
– 14 watts of light with a 0.95 amp draw



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