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Proper lighting starts with our light bars. These portable light bars allow you to run all your field operations with one set of lights.  They feature galvanized steel universal mounting brackets and a totally enclosed bar unit.  The ballast, starter, and wiring are all encased in the unit, so all you have to do is hook up the power and ground. Light can be directed precisely where you want it.

You can quickly transfer the entire lighting system from tractor to swather to combine in a matter of minutes. The portable light bar includes a 4 ft. galvanized steel bar, moveable mounting brackets and pedestals.  A 2 foot bar extension is available to accommodate cabs over 4 ft. wide. (Item #E-200; $54.00)

All light bars come prewired with a 40 amp circuit breaker and bar mounted on/off switches, which can handle any combination of four lights.  It is a basic light package that will provide all the light you need to run your tillage, seeding, spraying, swathing and harvesting operations. The bars can be upgraded and lights added to suit your special requirements as they change.


4 ft Light Bar (complete w/electrical system & pedestal)
Item # B-400 $239.00
4 ft. Light Bar, complete w/2 Kiruna & 2 Pilot Lights and 100w HP Bulbs
Item # B-401 –  $775.00
4 ft. Light Bar, complete w/2 Kiruna & 2 Touring Lights and 100 w HP Bulbs
Item # B-402 – $915.00


4 ft. Light Bar, complete w/2 Long Range and 2 Close Range HID Xenon Lights
Item # B-403 – $2490.00





The picture below shows our new HID Xenon Portable Light Bar, the ultimate in Ag lighting. The HID represents the most advanced lighting system in the industry. Light up 4 acres of land with only 11.6 amp draw. Nothing can match it’s capability for light output. The light/bar combination shown here is used to provide all the light in the photo.

4 ft. Light Bar, complete w/2 Long Range and 2 Close Range LED Lights
Item # B-404 – $1235.00